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Efficient and Flexible Management of Warehouse, Tour Planning and Telematics

Wanko is your experienced and reliable partner for modular and customizable IT solutions for warehouse management, tour planning, and telematics. We are at your service to develop highly complex freight forwarding and logistics software. In order to stay one step ahead of your competition, you must optimize your internal processes to perfection. In the area of logistics in particular, there is a wealth of untapped optimization potential. That is why we have developed a software allowing you to flawlessly plan, control, and monitor all your transport and warehouse movements.
In matters of freight forwarding and logistics software, you will always face new challenges. With our team of experts, we offer optimal, modern software solutions tailored to the requirements of transport and warehouse logistics.

Our core competence is the optimization of all goods movements in the areas of transport and warehouse logistics by means of an integrated system. The Wanko logistics management system consists of three perfectly compatible modules: PRAMAG, PRACAR, and PRABORD. The tour planning software PRACAR and the telematics solution PRABORD support your entire transport process. The warehouse management system PRAMAG enables you to control all warehouse movements in an efficient, process-oriented manner. According to your needs, you may use our products as an integrated system or as stand-alone modules. Combining TPS, WMS and telematics allows you to map the entire transport chain between locations and beyond your company boundaries.

Freight Forwarding and Logistics Software

The Wanko logistics management system consists of the three perfectly compatible modules PRAMAG, PRACAR, and PRABORD. According to your needs, you may use our products as an integrated system or as stand-alone modules..


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